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Memory Match Extras in Modern JavaScript - Game Development Course

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Have you recently started to learn game development with Phaser 3?

You've gone through a few beginner tutorials like the ones we have at Ourcade including our multi-part YouTube videosfree ebooks, and blog posts.

And now you are ready for some more advanced knowledge. 💪

You may have noticed that most Phaser 3 courses out there seem somewhat outdated. 

That's true for many tutorials out there as well. Phaser 3 is continuously updated but more importantly: the JavaScript ecosystem moves at blazing speed.

What's the point of paying $20 to learn outdated JavaScript syntax, language features, and best practices?

That's why this course uses Modern JavaScript.

In fact, Ourcade only uses Modern JavaScript or TypeScript. Professional teams, popular open-source projects, and the next version of Phaser are all moving to these modern languages.

Shouldn't you start learning it?

This course covers Phaser 3 features like gamepad support, music, fonts, and more.

But, we'll also show you how to organize and write code without always using inheritance of Phaser classes. Call it a gentle introduction into programming best practices like composition over inheritance and program against an interface, not an implementation.

🆕 Source Code Updated for Phaser 3.55.2

The course videos reference Phaser 3.24.1 but the Modern JavaScript and TypeScript source files that you'll be getting have been updated to Phaser 3.55.2. There's not many breaking changes but any syntax errors that you do come across can be easily found and corrected by looking at the updated source code!

Here's the bottom line:

If you want to learn how to add finishing touches to your first few Phaser 3 games while using the latest best practices and features of modern JavaScript then this course is for you!

Many beginner tutorials and paid courses just take you through the basics and don't help you complete a project, add the finishing touches, or help you become a better developer.

We've heard people say that Ourcade's free content on YouTube and the blog is of higher quality than paid courses. But we'll let you be the judge of that!

The goal of this course is to help you complete a game and become a better developer.

The first 6 parts are free on YouTube and then this course adds extra content for those serious about game development.

You'll learn how to make a Memory Match game like the one from Mario Party. It is a conceptually simple memory game with the added twist of controlling a character to make selections.

This spices up a simple game in a way that only Nintendo can.

Here are some of the things you'll learn:

  • ✅ Code organization, structuring, and clean-up
  • ✅ Adding gamepad support
  • ✅ Playing music & sound effects with fade in/out
  • ✅ Dealing with web audio in a user-friendly way
  • ✅ Creating and using dialog modals
  • ✅ Using the nineslice technique for smaller texture sizes
  • ✅ Managing and communicating between Scenes
  • ✅ Preloading assets with a loading animation
  • ✅ Better-looking text with Google Fonts and Bitmap Fonts
  • ✅ Restarting Scenes properly after winning or losing

The complete source code for the first 6 parts is available on Github but this course includes updated source code so that you can easily compare the differences and check for errors in your code.

The technology world moves fast and we believe in keeping up with modern best practices. You can rest assured that the source code and information you are getting are up to date and generally accepted in the JavaScript development community.

Note on gamepad support: we'll be demonstrating with an 8Bitdo Zero 2 but we'll provide the resources and understanding so that you can connect a PlayStation, XBOX, or any other BlueTooth game controller. 🎮

👾 Get the Core for just $12

Memory Match Extras comes with 10 videos, complete source code, and a readme with links to resources referenced in the videos.

⚡️ We also included an extra video going through the process of understanding a bug in our initial implementation for loading from Google Fonts.

Course materials:

  • 🎬 01 - Code Clean-up #1 (20:23)
  • 🎬 02 - Gamepad Controls (24:30)
  • 🎬 03 - Play and Fade Music (15:15)
  • 🎬 04 - Play Sound Effects (9:04)
  • 🎬 05 - Start Modal (28:59)
  • 🎬 06 - Game Over Scene (22:13)
  • 🎬 07 - Preload Animation (14:03)
  • 🎬 08 - Web Fonts (11:28)
  • 🎬 08.5 - Web Fonts Debugging (4:57)
  • 🎬 09 - Bitmap Fonts (11:05)
  • 🎬 10 - Code Clean-up #2 (14:53)
  • 💻 Complete source code
  • 📖 Readme with links to extra resources

🕹 Unlock Plus for just $8 more

For those who are truly serious about becoming a better game developer, we have these juicy extras in the Plus tier:

  • 🎬 11 - Tips for Debugging with Chrome (13:15)
  • 🎬 12 - Tips for Reading Phaser Documentation (9:17)
  • 💻 Source code in TypeScript

These two extra videos are designed to help you better solve problems without having to rely as much on the kindness of strangers in forums, chats, or elsewhere.

We'll show you how to use the Chrome DevTools to inspect code and reason about a real problem we came across in the core videos. After that, we take you through the strategies we use to navigate the official Phaser 3 documentation to find key information that can save hours of frustration.

We also include a TypeScript version of the updated Memory Match game so that you can get a head-start on writing even more scalable and clean code.

And for convenience, we've included the 6 YouTube videos in their original 1080p quality so that you can watch everything offline and refer to them more easily.

  • 🎬 Memory Match Part 1 - Creating a Character (23:49)
  • 🎬 Memory Match Part 2 - Adding Boxes with Depth Sorting (14:03)
  • 🎬 Memory Match Part 3 - Revealing Items in Boxes (21:07)
  • 🎬 Memory Match Part 4 - Handling Items that Match (13:55)
  • 🎬 Memory Match Part 5 - Determining Win Condition (11:19)
  • 🎬 Memory Match Part 6 - Adding a Countdown Timer (19:03)

🎯 Elite for $80 more...

This is not recommended for most people and it would normally be a $250 value but for those who want it, you can schedule a 60 minute, 1-on-1 video or screen-sharing chat session with SuperTommy to go over problems you might have with the course.

🙌  Praise for Ourcade

"Phaser 3 can be tricky, you made my way easier by tons!"

- @leonmezu

"Best resource for making browser games with JavaScript that I know of"

- @AndreaBGoodWill

"I've recently been reading your books and they are excellent."

- @Mig_Moog

"I implemented this in my game :) Your tutorials are always great"

- @solusSector

"great book about #Phaser and #typescript"

- @lmtx1

"I read the entire thing and enjoyed the straight explanations and easy-read format. I even picked up a tip or two that I wasn’t aware of on animations as a potential solution for something I working on."

- PBMCube

"Ourcade is producing great content on #gamedev in #phaserjs and #TypeScript"

- @carcharo



💰 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We'll keep this simple. If you buy the course and find that you've learned nothing from it then just let us know within 90 days and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. The only thing we can't refund is the 60 minute, 1-on-1 session with SuperTommy.

Ourcade is a playful game dev community for open-minded and optimistic learners and developers. 🎮🕹👾🤗

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Memory Match Extras in Modern JavaScript - Game Development Course

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